Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Soap Box moment...sorta

I am blessed/cursed with time until I take my boards in August to get my license to work here. Blessed because I have time to focus on my daughter and blessed because I have time to be creative, to take walks, to play with the camera, to make great menus, to knit and just discover myself again. But, time can be a curse...because I THINK to much when I have "time"...about a lot of stuff. And, when I think to much it can be a bad thing for my mental state. One activity I have been doing is watching documentaries....don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful way to learn about the world, but I am steaming mad right now. I feel helpless in such a Corporate dominated world. I have learned so much about food from watching documentaries which has led me to research, research, research...and discovering how scary it is that for so many years I've been poisoning my body. Our government seems to be o.k. with that. It infuriates me that I have paid thousands upon thousands of dollars in taxes to live in a better country only to be lied to over and over and over again. And robbed. They have robbed me. I used to feel safe in the United States...I wasn't scared of the people who shared this country with me and maybe it was because I was younger and more naive but there is a constant negative energy all around me now. When I venture out to public places....I can feel it. People are rude and I suspect it is because they are tired of being lied to, they have lost their trust in society. When I look around me...I see people buying up everything around feel better and more powerful than the person next to them. Really??? Really? I hate that corporations have manipulated the human mind to believe MORE is happiness. How fucking sick! No wonder people have addictions. It really gets me down. I hate that I too have been guilty at times of consuming too much....thinking it will make me happy to have new/more "stuff". I've had enough of this way of thinking and living in my life. I want a place that is stable, peaceful, and respectful of the environment. I am changing...definitely a blessing! Now, how do I get the rest of the people to change? This is quite the dilemma.


  1. hi jessica,
    i feel EXACTLY as you do. ive been away from 'home' for 6years now, and am a bit nervous/excited about coming back next year. its an exhausting pace of life in america, isnt it. buy this buy that. make enough money to afford a nice house, gas for your suv, eating out twice a week, all the costs of health care, blah blah. i recently watched 'food, inc' the movie, and it made me feel sick. just sick. i would like, theoretically, to live out somewhere in a pioneer community where we did not go into town to buy our food. we all put in hard work and sharecropped. are there really places like that in america?? where are you from?

  2. I would LOVE to live in a self sustaining community!! I dream of it often and wonder how to make it happen in my life. We moved from Florida to California recently...much faster pace here...feeling out of place. I too have seen Food Inc.....creepy stuff!! I hope in the next 10 years my family and I can make some major life changes and start living in a community where we don't have to deal with so much negativity! It's exhausting to say the least! Where is "home" for you?

  3. i am living in western australia right now. but home is georgia and we'll be moving back somewhere in the states next year. john will be looking for teaching jobs..what if./ what if people like you and people like me and some others all came together in a neighborly sort of way somewhere. bought land together all joining. and made this dream come true?

  4. I'm fascinated with this website...this is my ultimate build one of these...