Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring cleaning my system

The last year and a half has been all sorts of good and bad mixed together...many exciting life changes have occured and some not so exciting moments. One of the" not so exciting" happenings has been my eating habits over the past year and a half. The past few months I've been mentally preparing myself for a whole body cleanse (a liquid diet with daily salt water flushes). Each week I would tell myself this was my week to start new....and each week I would find an excuse not to start it. Well, I finally got tired of being tired and wearing tight fitting jeans and feeling bloated and knowing my body was today I started my cleanse. I've done this cleanse once before with great results...I felt recharged and healthy with great limitations on what kinds of food I was consuming afterwards . But, the cleanse itself is mentally challenging! Luckily, I learned so much from the first cleanse I did. Which has made my first day pleasant so far....I eased my way in, only eating fruits and vegetables for the past two days... this has made a huge difference on how my body has handled it so far. I've decided to write down my experiences helps me with my progress, so.... I will be writing about this for the next 6 days. I think that listening to Vampire Weekend this morning has helped too!!! Thank you guys.

Life is good.....see it, believe it and LIVE it!!

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