Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thoughts today

I've been thinking about food....(I'm always thinking about food.)
I've been thinking about my future job.
I've been dreaming about decorating our new house that we are buying this year.
I've been thinking about the big beautiful California sky I see on my morning walks.
I've been dreaming about puppies.
I've been wondering if Road Runners can fly....I saw two this morning...such big clumsy looking birds!
I've been thinking about my grandmother.
I've been thinking about skin...my aging skin.
I've been thinking about so many things...what have you been thinking/dreaming about?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Long time

A little voice inside my head has kept telling me to start blogging again...it's been there for months now... so here I am because I missed it so much! My daughter goes back to school tomorrow so I figured I will have some free time again. We've had a great summer of fun and traveling. My mind feels clear and I'm ready to share. My intention when starting this blog was to post continuously...obviously that did not happen. Life happened and I got sidetracked. It seemed like one more thing I had to do. That's no fun!!! So no expectations this time. I might blog frequently or I might be absent from time to time. I'm glad to be back though....I have so much I want to share!